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Banglalink 1GB Internet 49Tk | Banglalink Internet Offer !

বাংলালিংক ৪৯ টাকা রিচার্স করলে ৫০০এমবি এবং সাথে বোনাস হিসাবে পাচ্ছেন ৫২৪এমবি ইন্টারনেট। অথবা প্যাকটি পেতে ডায়াল করুন *৫০০০*৫৮৮# এবং প্যাকটির ব্যালেন্স জানতে ডায়াল করুন *৫০০০*৫০০# অথবা প্যাকটি বাতিল করতে *৫০০০*৫৩৬# । উক্ত অফারের মেয়াদকাল হলঃ ৭দিন। আরোও ভাল ভাল অফার পেতে বাংলালিংকের সাথে থাকুন। অফারটি রিচার্স করে অনেক বেশি আনন্দ উপভোগ করুন। more offer:… Read More »

Banglalink 165Minutes 93TK Only | BL Minutes Offer 2019!

Banglalink recieved 93 taka every customer will get 165 minutes talk time. Huge banglalink minute offer. Get the offer now to recharge 93 taka now. Or get the offer *166*165# dial this code. The offer is valid for 15 days. More than buying the offer speak up. Stay with banglalink and talk about hours. Banglalink… Read More »

Banglalink 215Minutes 123TK | BL Minutes Offer 2019!

Now, if Banglalink recovers 123 taka, then customers get 215 minutes talk time offer. Or Dial * 166 * 400 # to avail the offer. The offer date is 30 days. Buy this offer from Banglalink and talk to friends and family for hours. Stay with banglalink and get many interesting offers. Terms: The offer… Read More »

Banglalink 1426MB Internet 49Tk | BL New Internet Offer 2019!

Happy Pohela Boishakh celebrates more festivals with Banglalink subscribers and families Banglalink offers interesting internet offer on occasion Customers can recharge Banglalink at 49 taka get 1426MB internet Or dial *5000*588 # to avail the offer. Offer Duration: up to 7 days. Happy New Year for every customer. Stay with Banglalink. good good stay tuned.… Read More »

Banglalink Free 5GB Internet Offer | BL New Internet Offer 2019!

Now Banglalink offers free 5GB Internet. This fantastic offer of Banglalink is in 2019. Absolutely new attractive offer. However, the offer will be applicable to 4G SIM. This means that all 4G SIM users can use this offer. So dial the customer to get the free offer * 5000 * 456 # numbers Duration of… Read More »

Banglalink 1GB Internet 31TK | BL Internet Offer 2019!

Banglalink 1GB internet Banglalink subscribers receive 31tk recharge, while Banglalink customers will get 1 GB internet. Or to avail the offer dial *5000*31#. The validity of this offer is 3 days (72 hours). All Banglalink subscribers can use this internet offer. Stay with banglalink and get good offers. Terms and Conditions: BL recharged Tk 31… Read More »

Banglalink Postpaid 4G SIM Upgrade | BL 4G Offer 2019 !

Banglalink Postpaid customers can get 2 GB of free internet after upgrading 4G SIM, and upgrade the customer’s SIM to enjoy the bonus and create 4G. If the customer’s SIM is not 4G enabled or 5000 will not send “4G”! Details: The offer 2 GB internet bonus is valid for 7 days. It can be… Read More »

Banglalink 2GB Internet 42TK | BL Internet Offer 2019 !

Now banglalink will be able to recharge 4 taka then customers get 2 GB internet Or this offer dial * 5000 * 42 # to get the code. Duration of the offer: up to 3 days. That offer enjoy lots of fun by purchasing and a little longer. Banglalink is always the customer Give me… Read More »

Banglalink 212Minutes Only 123TK | BL Minutes Offer !

Banglalink recharge 123 Tk if subscribers receive 212 minutes talk time and free 200MB internet and dial 200 SMS or offer *166*400# in this code or *1100*5*2# Duration: 30 days. Terms: This offer is applicable for all prepaid and call and control customers. This offer is worth all taxes. Unused minutes can no longer be… Read More »

Banglalink 1GB+Free Internet 36Tk | BL Internet Offer !

Banglalink recharge 36 tk then customers get 1 GB internet and bonus as well 750 MB Internet Duration: 7 days. Limit offer. Or dial this offer * 888 # In code. Enjoy the purchase of that offer. বাংলালিংক ৩৬ টাকা রিচার্জ করলে গ্রাহকরা পাচ্ছেন ১জিবি ইন্টারনেট এবং সাথে বোনাস হিসেবে পাবেন ৭৫০এমবি ইন্টারনেট। মেয়াদকালঃ ৭… Read More »

Banglalink Bundle Offer | BL Offer !

Bundle offer: Banglalink recharges 42 taka customers get 3gb internet Duration: 2 days. Banglalink recharging 99 Taka Customers get 1.5 GB internet Duration: 7 days. Banglalink recharge Tk 123, customers get 212 minutes talk time and 200 MB internet and 200 sms Duration: 30 days. Banglalink Customers will get 0.9 paisa / second for the… Read More »

Banglalink 350minutes+Free 193TK | BL Minutes offer !

If you recharge Banglalink Tk 193, now customers get 350 minutes talk time and 100 MB internet and 50 SMS or dial * 166 * 193 # in the code. Duration: 30 days Till You can talk more about buying this Banglalink offer. More internet And enjoy more SMS. Banglalink gave a lot more. বাংলালিংক… Read More »