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By | January 16, 2019

Health Minister of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Health and Family Welfare Ministry has a ministry of government in Bangladesh with health policy. All government information and programs related to family planning in Bangladesh are accepted. Current Minister Mohammad Nasim Bangladesh Health and Family Welfare Ministry has two departments:

Minister of health

1. Department of Health Services
2. Family Welfare Department
Bangladesh Council of Ministers, Chief Executive Division of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh The Cabinet is headed by the Prime Minister’s Office of the decision making body of the whole government and a number of 24 Cabinet ministers, Advisers 7, 19 State Ministers and three deputy ministers

Ministers Council Division:
Type Munshi ————— (Ministry of Commerce Division)
Abdur Razzak ————— (Department of Agriculture)
Asaduzzaman Khan ———- (Department of Home Affairs)
Zahid Malek —- (Department of Health and Family Welfare Division)
Murad Hassan ————————- (Minister of State).

minister of health

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