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By | January 16, 2019

Many people from Bangladesh are going with the right visa to many countries of the world. Now the reliable means to avoid fraud and to get the right information is online. There is no chance of cheating. If you have any valid visa verification, check online and earn a lot of money.

1. Britain Country-
United Kingdom government-run ‘United Kingdom Border Agency’ (UKBA) has made all foreign information and immigration information available on the official website Besides, VFS Global website can be found on British Embassy of Dhaka and official partner of UKBa Visa fees for Bangladeshi citizens,Appeal related advice, visa application eligibility and guide line for visa rejection. Applicants can also learn about the latest status or status of their application process by clicking on the ‘Track Your Applications’ option on this site or from this link.
https: // …

2. America Country-
In the ‘Visa for Foreign Citizen’ section of the official site of the United States Government, the Visa for Foreign Citizens section of the United States Government has given directions regarding ‘Diversity Visa’ or the instruction of the DV lottery, ‘H-Wanbi’, study, work and travel visa. Find out more at the website.Web portal, called ‘application status’, has been added to help visas for visa applicants under the process of getting visa applicants. In addition, the DV applicants can verify their visa information. from this link to know the results of ‘DV’ program applicants

3. Canada Country-
Canadian government citizen service provider, on the official website of the Visa Visitors will find detailed information about travel, temporary jobs, education, immigration visas, clicking on ‘check application status’, the applicants can be sure of the timing of the application process. Also, whether the applicant’s visa application is eligible, can also be verified on the site.

4. Australia Country-
From to the Visitor’s ‘Workers’, ‘Professional’, ‘Skills Migrant’ in this part of the website, to get all the information and online-based services from Australia’s ‘Department of Immigration and Citizenship’. Job Visa information is available for the professional. It provides all the information needed in the three separate sections of visits, migrants and student visas. Even the ‘Online Service’ section of the site can be checked for visa application and visa application progress.

5. New Zealand Country-
In the website of the Immigration Department, the Immigration Department, Visa Fee, New Zealand Government’s Department of Labor, to get directions to the visa process, can find all the important information related to resident, study, working holiday, visit visa and work permit. Besides, skilled workers can be found in the ‘Skills Migrants’ and ‘Business and Investor’ categories,Professional information for professionals and businessmen. To avoid visa complications, you can also consult the Immigration Advisor Authority’s official site

6. Malaysia Country-
To apply for Malaysia, what qualifications and documents will be required, visa application rules, and application forms are all necessary information. Visitors will get full and complete information and guidance from foreign nationals in the ‘Foreigners’ section of site on the website of the Malaysian government’s immigration department. To know the current level of online visa application process, call ‘No. Rujukan ‘box will have to enter the reference number of the visa application. It is to be noted that since 2008, due to the sanction of Malaysian government in relation to the employment of Bangladeshi workers, information on ‘Visa Visas’ is available on this site but there is no scope for application.

7. Singapore Country-
Many people are going to Singapore and travel to the student visa. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s official website will help you get detailed information from foreign travelers, students and workers. The e-service portion of the site includes ‘Electronic Appointment Booking Systems’ (e-appointment),Re-entry Permit Visas, Visa Visas and Entry Visas, and the validity of the visa issued at the same time. For the validity of online visa and the latest status of the visa application process, visit these three links-

In addition to sending the necessary information (name, father’s name, passport number, date of birth, nationality) along with the candidate’s work permit number at the email address, you can know that the visa is not correct or wrong in the email.

8. UAE country-
The UAE Ministry of Labor has linked the facilitating validity of visa information and application process for foreign travelers, and click on ‘Enquiry Services’ on the left side of the site on their official web site. Then click ‘Work Permit Status’ or click on your desired part to find the information needed. This site also has the opportunity to verify the validity of the visa, the latest information on the status of the application.

9. Oman country-
The official website of Oman provides the necessary immigration and visa information. Visit for online visa application and required information. Please visit to find out the visa status.
10. India country for all information and visas related to India, please click or visit

11. Qatar country-
To know all information related to Qatar and visa related information, please visit .

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