Pooja again in the new!

By | January 11, 2019

After the movie Burning To and Dahan, the popularity of worship among the visitors has been much higher. So love is going to see the new chemistry of worship-

In a short span of cemetery, Puja Cherie has made her position quite reliable. He has many popularity in Kolkata as well as in the country. That popularity has increased a lot. On the 25th of the current month, the new picture of Puja is going to be released. In this film of joint productions, it can be seen in the opposite direction of worship to Audit Roy. This pair was earlier seen by Nurjahan photo viewers on the screen. However, the time has not been discussed in the carrier, but the time has changed now. After the Burning and Burning, the popularity of worship among the audience has increased. So my love will be seen in the new chemistry of the worship of the worshipers will look new.

Love has made quite a lot of discussions about the release of my toe official trailer through viewers. Not only that, the photo poster is responding well, said Sue.

Puja said about the film, that a new year is starting to work on a very large scale. This is a good news for me. Being busy with study at the moment, I can not do any new work. But I am quite happy with this picture. The film was directed by Bidula Bhattacharya.

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