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By | December 4, 2018

Explain what needs to be done in Europe and how to study at any level.

1. Apply-
After the graduation of Bangladesh, most of the European countries are taught to do their undergraduate studies as an undergraduate student. To study from Bangladesh to Sweden, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (English language teaching for learner success in vocabulary development, oral skills, reading, and spelling) has to be done.

2. Economic-
Every month 6500 Swedish kroner (1 cron = Bengali 10 taka) will be shown. For more details, go to the Swedish migration agency’s website to know all the details and to know more information through Google.

3. Management-
Normally foreign students come to Sweden as a guest student, they are initially receiving the Swedish host family, who manage the university. The Swedish host family has the best opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions. Student residency is very nice and Swedish students always extend their hands to help. Apart from Sweden, there are work permit opportunities in many European countries, because of which, if you find work in your own responsibility, you can manage the writing and standing on your own by collecting education and living expenses.

4. Different Difficulties-
This is possible for those who are truly motivated. Most of the students of Bangladesh can not get simultaneous training at undergraduate level after coming to Europe. As a result, they have been working hard to get settled abroad by doing any kind of education and they are managing somehow. Only those students who have come to study in undergraduate level will be asked to be educated for higher education.

5. Allowance-
After completing masters from Bangladesh, those who came to study abroad for scholarships or scholarships, most of them returned to the country after completing their training or arranged for stay here in the university or in a good organization. Some exceptions are that if someone has a relative or a good guardian abroad, and if they can guide with sponsoring, then it is possible to read undergraduate even in undergraduate.

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