Nokia Phone-1 | Nokia Mobile-1

By | November 3, 2018

Details of the offer;
Handset model —- Maximum retail price
Nokia-1— 5,999 Tk.

This handset model can be found in the GP Express Shop and all GP sales channels. All Grameenphone customers can avail the following bundle offers by purchasing this handset:

  • First tagging is 1 GB internet and 1 GB Facebook Internet (validity 7 days).
  • 1 minute free Facebook internet (valid 7 days) with 50 minutes (any local operator) at 31 taka (all charges included).
  • Customers can purchase this offer 6 times in 3 months.

Bundle Offer Activation Processes.

  • Dial up to 25050 (without any charge) for 1 GB Free Internet and 1 GB Free Facebook Internet.
  • To buy 50 minutes (any local operator) and 1 GB free
  • Facebook internet at 31 TYPE MY31 and send to 25050.
  • To know how many times the offer has been purchased, type CHK MY31 and send it to 25050.


  • Keys are not case-sensitive.
  • The offer is applicable for specific model devices.
  • This offer is applicable for all new prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • This offer is not applicable for Skitto customers.
  • The tagging option is applicable for 2 months, but if a
  • customer is tagged on the 59th day, he can take the maximum offer 6 times in the next 3 months.
  • Customers will be able to purchase this bundle offer twice a month.
  • Accepting the customer option will only get a confirmation SMS for valid tagging.
  • For valid tagging, customer needs to wait 48 hours.
  • If the tagging fails, the customer will need to close the smartphone and then resume the tagging request again, or call 121 or contact the customer service in Grameenphone.
  • Customers need to follow the instructions sent later on Valid tagging.
  • Bonus Balance Check: Prepaid and Postpaid customers will be able to check their bonus and purchase the Internet Balance * 121 * 1 * 2 # by dialing.
  • The free offer requires maximum 48 hours to operate.
  • Internet subscribers can use internet up to 5MB at the rate of Rs.12 / MB (VAT + SD + SC) and dial * 121 * 3352 # for internet at 200MB at the same rate or dial * 121 * 3 # to buy internet pack. Please.
  • If the purchase of the same data pack (X GB on X GB) in the expiry, the data will be added to the new data balance.
  • To stop the Internet offer, dial * 121 * 3041 #.
  • For all new and unused SIM cards for valid tagging, first start the SIM and enter the newly purchased handset SIM.
  • If the same customer multiple times tagging, campaign benefits will be considered by first considering the valid tagging and the bundle will remain valid after the valid tagging.
  • Auto renewal feature is not available, so if a customer does not renew the offer within 30 days, it will be automatically deactivated.
  • The above mentioned plan will be available for a limited time promotional offer and until the next declaration.
  • This bundle offer is only applicable for valid and valid IMEI.
    In order to use 4G services in these smartphones, customers must be in 4G network coverage and must have 4G enabled SIM: Customers need to have SIM 4G supported: * 121 * 3232 #.
  • Customers need to go to the handset service center for the handset (NOKIA 1) after sales service.
  • No complaints about tagging at the end of the camp will be accepted.

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